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          爱丁堡奖公爵(dofe) 是世界领先的为年轻人成就奖,由用人单位和大学的广泛认可。它促进在这个愉快的通过参与个人发展,充满挑战和回报计划。该奖项的精神就是让每一个年轻的人参与该计划并取得成功,无论他或她来自什么背景。

          There are three levels to the Duke of Edinburgh scheme – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Once every aspect of a level is completed you obtain your award and can choose to go onto the next level of the scheme. This is our introductory year at 澳门皇冠官网手机版app下载 and 56 Year 9 & 10 students have been entered at Bronze level.


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